Would You Have Surgery if the Surgeon Didn’t Have a Nurse and Scalpel?

Recently, we posted a blog outlining the necessity of preparation as a key to an accomplished multilingual event.  There are many moving parts to a conference; the possibility of an item slipping through the cracks is real.

Just imagine if the speaker spoke before 2,000 delegates without a microphone.  What a waste of time for the attendees and the speaker.  No information would be provided, and everyone would incur travel and meal expenses.  Certainly no planner wishes to risk her reputation in that fashion.  It is akin to a doctor performing surgery without tools or knowledge of what body part is involved.

Some awful things can happen to the interpreters and event planners when the interpreting team is not provided with the conference materials, slides, speeches, etc.(or provided at the eleventh hour).  Save yourself a headache and read our colleague’s post.

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