The difference between Google Translate, a bilingual person, and a professional translator

Google Translate:

Can be a fantastic tool to chat with people around the world on social media.

However, it still has a long way to go.

You wouldn’t want to stake your important documents or your business reputation on it. 

Bilingual People:

Many companies hire bilingual people which is especially helpful in communicating with clients. 

Translation, however, is a skill that requires far more preparation, knowledge, and training and is a professional craft.

Companies spend vast resources to fine-tune their original message. Not every person with two hands can play the violin. Likewise, many bilingual personnel are not skilled translators.

Professional Translators:

Professional translators are dedicate, highly skilled and proficient at their art.

ATA certified translators for instance have proven their skill by passing a very rigorous test.

For every specific industry, there can be found qualified translators knowledgeable in that field.

Although professionals do require an investment, they provide value by having your new target audience find you instead of your competition. 

Cheap labor isn’t skilled; skilled labor isn’t cheap.

Safety Translation

Safety Material:

Our unique focus in the safety industry makes us especially qualified in safety translation.

  • Safety manuals

  • PowerPoints

  • Online training & Voiceover

  • OSHA signs and materials

  • Documents

Safety Translation

Legal Translation


Legal Documents:

With over thirty years working in the legal field we will assure accuracy.

  • Legal documents

  • Birth certificates

  • Licence

  • Notice letters

Marketing & Website Translation

Clients put considerable thought and effort into the exact wording of their message.

Translating marketing material and websites requires a creative touch that goes beyond simple accuracy.

Our great clients come to us not only because we provide accurate translations, but we also assist them to confidently interact with foreign language colleagues and employees.

We have  creative translators that will get the message right and help you grow your business


Common problems are:

(1) Inaccurate or unacceptable translations

(2) Missing the mark on messaging

(3) Difficulty locating available translator


Our clients need assurance that the translators are skilled, experienced and accurate.

We have a number of certified and highly qualified translators.

Our translators are:

(1) Knowledgeable

(2) Work ethically

(3) Offer consistent quality

(4) Possess subject expertise you need

The difference between an interpreter and a translator

Translators write.

Shortly after humankind began to speak, they began to write.

Diplomacy and trade documents require competent translation.

Evidence in court must be translated in order to determine a just decision.

Written medical instructions are useless if a patient can’t read them, requiring the need of a skilled translator. 

 Interpreters speak.

For as long as mankind has spoken multiple languages, interpreters have existed.

They have been present for peace treaties among nations and have always been essential for trade.

Interpreters are necessary for due process in court and have aided medical professionals in saving many lives.

Both interpreting and translation are beautiful and noble sister professions!

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