Top Ten Reasons to Join the Carolina Association of Translators & Interpreters

I once heard an interpreter declare that associations are for fancy car types.  Ouch, I didn’t think my Ford was fancy.  However, with full disclosure that 95% of the below is on CATI‘s website, here are the top ten reasons to become a member.

1. Provider Database: CATI will list you on its website directory. Potential clients can search by language, specialization, telephone number, city, zip code, state, and/or name. You can write a profile, which gives future clients background information about you.

2. Members-Only Pages: Job announcements and other pertinent information are posted in this exclusive area. This can keep you abreast of trends.

3. Annual Conference: The conference is a feature of the CATI vision and affords you the rare opportunity to meet and converse with a high-profile speaker in the industry. You will also participate in sessions for professional development. Last but not least, you enlarge your network; ours can be a lonely profession.

4. E-mails: Weekly informative developments in the interpretation and translation industries are sent via e-mail.

5. The CATI Quarterly is a journal focusing on translation and interpretation in the Carolinas and beyond, with in-depth articles and features. CATI publishes it in electronic format and sends via e-mail to all members.

6. “Translation: Your Access to the World,” a leaflet designed to guide your prospective client in selecting and working with professional translators. This arms you with powerful information to separate you from the “bilinguals.” We must educate prospective monolingual clients.

7. CATI Socials are another part of the CATI vision. Local groups meet in some metropolitan areas. Their activities may include relevant conversation to translating and interpreting, as well as social events. Networking success is dependent on participation.

8. The mentoring program provides every member with a unique experience. There is much to be gained in that relationship. Both parties blossom in their businesses. Join Learning The Ropes, another aspect of CATI’s vision.

9. Education:  Workshops, seminars and annual CATI conferences provide for professional development and contact with a wider circle of colleagues. ATA continuing education credit (and NAJIT) is offered at most workshops, seminars and conferences.

10. Raise Your Profile:  Within and outside of our industry, you can increase your clout significantly by knowing your chapter board members and participating in the association. Active members receive recognition and job referrals. Passive members usually don’t.

All of the above requires painstaking effort on the part of  a non-member freelancer to obtain.  With the exception of the conference and professional development seminars, you receive a great deal of benefits for your investment.  If you haven’t joined yet, let me be the first to welcome you to the family.

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