Three Business Points Learned by Hosting a Baby Shower

Recently, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower.  It was hard work but very fulfilling.  By examining the event, I have isolated three factors that contributed to its success.  They are the following:

  1. Outline a detailed plan early
  2. Identify ideal teammates
  3. Flexibility relieves stress

Let me begin by stating clearly that the last large event (50+ people) I planned was my wedding in August 1991.  Clearly, my skills were rusty.  I began researching the internet more than two months before the date of the shower.  The web is a cornucopia of information, however streamlining is necessary for satisfactory execution.  I decided these elements were necessary: (a) program schedule and duty roster; (b) donation fund; (c) meal planning; and (d) food pickup schedule.

This year, when my business partner and I held our annual meeting, we committed in writing a definite plan and the steps required to ensure achievement.  Although roadblocks often appear and interfere with the plan, we have managed to have a vision and navigate the obstacles.  Knowing your journey and destination is vital to reach them.

A couple of people approached me to offer their assistance in this endeavor.  I didn’t plan on helpers, but I agreed as there is significant accomplishment when talented people participate.  Indeed, their strengths covered my weaknesses, which produced an unforgettable evening.  One partner had impressive sewing skills.  The other was able to fabulously decorate on a ridiculous budget.  Looking back, it was a fantastic crew I allowed to unite.

Rigid people live difficult lives.  Mayhem abounds and eventually collides with the inflexible lifestyle, causing profound stress.  I am a longstanding member of the Type A personality club who has been learning balance the last several years.  Usually I am deeply disturbed when plans change.  The day before the event, my food pickup partner informed me that an emergency arose and was unable to fulfill the duties.  Calmly, I sent a text to someone who gladly agreed to assist me with this assignment.  The original partner arrived and assisted in another capacity during the event.  Everything was elegant and entertaining, and I kept my poise and tension did not consume me.

Being the owner of my business entails flexibility, because Murphy’s Law follows me like a magnet.  I fight to accomplish what I need to do, put out fires, and resume my duties.  Although I detest switching hats so often, it comes with the territory.  Adaptability has afforded me serenity and attainment of my goals.  Qapla’!

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