Social media versus real life

Ask any old-timer averse to social media and technology how they develop new clients.  They will all tell you the old-fashioned way:  building relationships, networking in real life, with real people.

Today technology has afforded us so many ways to connect with people.  We have at our fingertips e- mail, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list keeps growing.  There are so many success stories where people have gained access to business relationships through these methods that it is illogical to deny their usefulness.

Success or failure does not depend so much on what you do, but on how you do it.  For example, many people have had great success finding connections at networking events.  It is however very unlikely that the person sitting quietly in the corner or talking only with people that they already know will have much success.

Likewise, there is a way to make social media work for you.  Often many hours are spent connecting with people in one fashion or another.  More hours are spent following the comments of others and then responding.  While all of that might be fine, never forget that it should be done with a purpose.  You are looking for business.

Social media can open doors.  Instead of quantity, why not try to really connect with true prospects?  Then, do what the successful old-timers have been doing for centuries. Invite them for a cup of coffee and meet them in person.  It will be at that one on one real life visit where a successful business connection can be made.  That way when you do communicate on social media, they actually know who you are.  There is a face to the name, a sense of your personality, a bond.  This is a solid foundation for a business relationship.

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