Seven Stress-Relieving Benefits Of Journaling

Entrepreneurs like myself tend to be very stressed. There are several reasons why I went into business for myself. First, I took advantage of the opportunity when I perceived it. Second, I love working as an interpreter. Third, I have lost patience working in an incompetent environment. Now I make my own decisions and live with those consequences.

Whatever the business may be, entrepreneurs start out doing the work they love and are good at. The problem is that when a person runs his own business, many other responsibilities come into play that might not be so enjoyable. I do not enjoy, nor do I desire to be, an accountant, a receptionist, sales person, an HR manager, a public relations manager, a field supervisor, marketing manager, problem solver, and the list goes on and on. All these things take me away from the work I love, the reason I started it all in the first place. All these things, in addition to the nature of working with traumatized patients, can create an extraordinary amount of stress.
My Journals 2013
One way I deal with stress is by journaling. The simple act of journaling every day requires me to take certain actions that promote a peaceful state of mind and good health.
1) Taking time out for myself everyday is very important for a good state of mind. Giving time to myself makes it easier to give time to others.
2) Self-reflection. On a daily basis I think about what I have done, what I am doing and what I plan to do. I think about what is important in my life and why. I think about what is working and what doesn’t. My motives and goals are put into perspective which helps me to understand why I am facing a stressful day.
3) Learn from my mistakes and figure out a plan to not repeat them.
4) Plan the day. The more organized I am, the less stressful I am.
5) I think about the things for which I am grateful. Counting my blessing instead of only focusing on problems can be very therapeutic.
6) Random thoughts. I have so many random thoughts that might be brilliant ideas for work, life, family, faith, writing, or whatever is important to me. ┬áRegular journaling is like this wonderful brain garbage dump I get to clear out all these random ideas I don’t want to forget. Once it is written in ink, I know it will not be lost forever. I can now be at peace to focus my complete attention on the work I have for that day.
7) Realization. Going through this process every day has helped me achieve life-changing realizations.  It has inspired me and helped me to know who I am and where I want to go.
Writing in my new journal given to me by Kamran Popkin owner of Swagclub. (He puts logos on things and does it well)
Writing in my new journal given to me by Kamran Popkin owner of Swagclub (He puts logos on things and does it well)
If you have read this blog, I hope you can see how taking time out to journal everyday is not only a great stress buster but a life-altering experience!
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