Serving on the Board of Directors of The American Translators Association? 

This November, the ATA will celebrate its 56th annual conference in Miami, Florida. At that time, three new directors will be elected. I believe that I bring to the table experience, great vision, and a willingness to work hard to make things happen for our association. In the past, I have written about different issues of concern to me. Below are the links.

Issues Pertinent to Electing New ATA Board Members

Gauging the Performance of Board Members

A Social Review of The American Translators Association Conference In Chicago

My Questions For the ATA Board

Clashing Sentiments Regarding ATA Issues

Transparency At American Translators Association

A Special Request To My ATA Interpreter Colleagues

How Do You Envision Public Relations For ATA

I also feel that it is vital to know what the membership thinks is important. For this reason, the video posted below will ask you what you want out of ATA. What are you goals and expectations? Please share with me your thoughts so that if elected, I will better know how to serve you. If you prefer to stay off social media and wish to message me privately, that would be fine.

Also, please share my video with your colleagues. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Serving on the Board of Directors of The American Translators Association? ”

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  2. Hi Jeff and thanks for your energy related to the ATA. To provide full disclosure I may not be able to eet the voting member criteria for another two years, but will likely grab an associate membership soon, and begin working toward certification testing.

    Professional associations provide PR, visibility and education to the industries they represent. That’s what they do. It really is an essential function. In an industry as misunderstood and ¨invisible¨ as translation/interpretation there is a lot of work that can be done in this area. Fortunately there are massive opportunities in paid, owed, earned and shared media. I don’t only support this priority because I have a PR background, but because I have recently become a full-time translator and see first hand what a misunderstood profession it really is.

    While the ATA definitely has an important role in supporting the professionals and organizations that make up it’s membership, it will only represent them properly in the current business and academic environments if it takes leadership in explaining and promoting the profession.

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