My Questions for the ATA Board

This question was recently asked in preparation of the ATA board meeting on February 5-8, “Do you have feedback for the ATA board?”

The following is my response.

1) Transparency:
a. I would like to see the board respond to every question raised whether it be yes, no, we will consider it before the next board meeting, or this is what we are doing. When I make the effort to ask a question, or raise a concern, I appreciate an honest clear answer and the reasons why.
b. I would like to see you bring back Breakfast with the Board so that the members can have a friendly, relaxing atmosphere to interact and ask you questions.

2) Public Relations: P.R. was a big issue before the conference. It was the first thing to be addressed by announcing that the board is listening and hired a P.R. person.
a. I would like to see ATA toot its horn in showing P.R. accomplishments to date.
b. I would like to see a report on what specifically has been done so far in P.R.
c. I would like to see a report on what specific P.R. plan is in place for the future.
d. I would like to know how you plan to get us there.

3) Interpreters: I still feel like the unwanted, red-headed step child.
a. Is the board considering recognizing certified interpreters in the ATA directory as they do ATA certified translators? After all, aren’t you the voice of both?
b. If so, will you list all the current U.S. certifications (I am unaware of other countries’ certification bodies): certified healthcare interpreter, certified medical interpreter, federally certified court interpreter, state certified court interpreter?
c. Will a decision be made and implemented before we arrive at ATA56 in Miami?
d. Will there be a plan this year to differentiate interpreters from translators on our ID badge in this year’s conference?

4) Budget: I would like to see a clear detailed report on the budget.
a. Financial condition of the Chronicle.
b. The conference.
c. Training.
d. Certification.
I would like to see the reports on these individually in order to see how each is doing as opposed to hearing a vague overview adding in gains from previous investments.

5) Procedure: I would like to see a question and answer session given by the board preceding the meeting we have to vote in new board members. This would allow us to ask the board specific questions that will enable us to decide how to better cast our vote.

6) Accountability: This has been woven throughout, but we need the board to respond and answer the member’s questions.

a. Report what is being planned.
b. Report the process for accomplishing goals.
c. Report the timetable for getting things done.
d. Be open and honest about setbacks.

These are the more pressing issues. Also, if any of these issues are not open for all the members to see, perhaps someone might consider offering my name for consideration as a board member. I appreciate you reaching out to the members, but would appreciate even more a clear response to all my queries.

( This part wasn’t part of my comments) Also I typically make a great effort to refrain from negative talk or forming opinions until I have all the information in. However just like anyone, if satisfying answers aren’t given in a timely manner my imagination tends to assume the worst possible scenario.

Please share with me any other issues that you feel are important to ask.

Thank you!

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