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As some of you might be aware of by now, I often write about the common problems seen regularly in the interpreting industry. It pains me to point out many of the issues that hurt our reputation. There are just so many problems and I want to help professionals dealing with interpreters to know what the standard should be. If clients demand a higher standard, a higher standard will have to be provided.

However periodically, I do run into professionals that do me proud. They represent the best in the industry not only in skill but also in ethics. That is why I love memberships in associations. It gives me a refreshing opportunity to associate and network with ethical, like minded professionals. Individuals that often inspire me to never stop growing and improving.

I always welcome stimulating conversation so please share your thoughts with me. Differing opinions are fine as long as they are respectful and backed by reason. Comments are welcome on this blog. I can also be found on twitter as @JWAlfonso

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