Journey to Safety Excellence

The National Safety Council is a great resource for any company interested in protecting its most important asset:  employees.  They have a fantastic Infographic called Journey to Safety Excellence:  JSE-Infographic-Printable.


A lesson learned is that companies that participate in voluntary safety performance measurement programs demonstrate a 52% decrease in number of claims and an 80% decrease in the cost of claims.  However, if you have a sizable workforce lacking English skills, and if a safety program is not taught in their own language, a large percentage of employees can still be at risk.



On average, Latinos comprise 16 percent of the workforce in the United States. Therefore, the percentage can be much higher in certain industries and locations. Investment in communicating with your limited employees is an expense, but the evidence indicates that it is worth it. Why?  Not only will you experience injury cost reduction, but also you will find that healthy, strong employees are happier and much more productive. Can you really afford to sustain one more injury?

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