Liaison Interpreting

What is the difference between a liaison and an escort interpreter?

They are the same thing.

 Liaison or escort interpreters accompany a person or a delegation on a tour, on a visit, or to a meeting or interview. An interpreter in this role is called a liaison interpreter or an escort interpreter.

In fact, the United States Department of State has chosen to call it administrative interpreting. We use the term liaison interpreter in order to assure our clients that our service is that of professional interpretation.

Reasons why liaison interpreters are needed

  1. Skilled interpreters are needed for employees receiving specialized training.

  2. Company executives need a competent interpreter for high level negotiations

  3. Company executives need to communicate well and avoid cultural misunderstandings

  4. To have a successful and enjoyable visit.

Alfonso Interpreting has a network of highly qualified, talented and experienced liaison interpreters who not only bridge the language gap, but also provide cultural guidence.

Company executives have called us in when they have had specialized needs. From Russian interpreters for company training, to Mandarin interpreters for business negotiations, we specialize in finding the specific knowledge and specialization for your specific need.

We find the right liaison interpreters that have extensive experience and are perfectly fluent in the languages in which you need support.

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