Legal Interpreting

Professional legal interpreting services.

We work closely with attorneys and court reporters.

Common problems are:

(1) Unavailable or late-arriving interpreters;

(2) Miscommunication;

(3) Delays due to continuances; and

(4) Inexperienced, unqualified paraprofessionals

Blind justice

We program regular continuing education sessions so that our team of legal interpreters are:

(1) Knowledgeable in current terminology;

(2) Legal procedure;

(3) Comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters; and

(4) Trained to provide consistent quality. 


Our legal interpreters have extensive experience in the types of cases you handle and are perfectly fluent in the languages you need support.

We have assisted many attorneys be more productive, more accurate so that they can better serve their clients.

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