Healthcare Interpreting

What it takes to be an effective healthcare interpreter

Healthcare or Medical Interpreters help to facilitate communications between health care providers and their patients with Limited English Proficiency.  This important service can mean the difference between life and death for some patients.

They must be well versed in medical terminology in order to deliver accurate and helpful information. Interpreters must also understand the cultural colloquialism associated with the languages they specialize in.

Common industry problems are:

(1) Poor communication with the interpreters.

(2) Miscommunications that can lead to lawsuits.

(3) Interpreters too involved with the patients.

(4)Missed appointments.

(5) Lack of trust.



Certified healthcare interpreters, along with capable and trained medical interpreters.

We also program regular continuing education sessions so that our team of interpreters are:

(1) Knowledgeable in medical terminology

(2) Work ethically.

(3) Trained to provide consistent quality of service


As a CCHI certified healthcare interpreter, Jeff Alfonso gives thoughtful attention to these and other unethical behaviors.

Many clients come to us after bad experiences with meddling, unskilled, and unreliable interpreters.

Our medical interpreters  have extensive experience in the types of medical cases you deal with, and are perfectly fluent in the languages you need support in.

Insurance adjusters use us because we communicate well with them and stay unbiased with their patient

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