Interpreting for Meetings & Safety

Why should you use simultaneous interpreting for company meetings?

Simultaneous interpretation is used for business meetings in order to permit presentations and discussions to proceed at the same pace as a meeting in just one language.

Attendees are given a receiver that allows them to hear what is being said in his or her own language. We use portable wireless FM-based equipment with a range of about 250 feet. The receiver and transmitter are small, and can be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt for ease of movement, making them appropriate for touring facilities as well as meetings in a single room.

With a combination of highly talented conference interpreters and wireless electronic equipment listeners get the entire message in real time.

Watch the following video to learn more.

Our talented team of skillful company conference interpreters are:

(1) Knowledgeable

(2) Experienced

(3) Well trained.

(4) Fluent

(5) efficient

Common Industry problems are:

(1) Higher cost due to longer meeting times with interpreters.

(2) Miscommunications with employees lacking English skills

(3) Low morale.

Our goal is to provide options that create value for you company

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