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Conference Interpreting
Court/Legal Interpreting
Healthcare Interpreting
Liaison Interpreting

Healthcare - Medical Interpreters

We work with doctors, therapists, insurance company adjusters, case managers, attorneys, human resource managers, and event planners.

Skillful, professional, and clear communication is our focus.

Many clients come to us after bad experiences with meddling, unskilled, and unreliable interpreters.

We have a number of certified medical and healthcare interpreters, along with capable and trained medical interpreters

Legal - Court interpreting

Co-owner Emily Ortiz Alfonso is a state certified court interpreter.

Our pool of certified and professionally trained court interpreters are available to assist you.

Attorneys tire of undependable, unqualified interpreters that cause inconsistency in their clients' matters.

Spanish is our primary language, but we have access to other languages upon request.

Conference & Liaison Interpreting

Whether it is a large international conference or a company meeting we typically provide skilled professional simultaneous interpreters knowledgeable in in the specific field being considered.

Alfonso Interpreting takes pride in finding the right interpreter for our customers needs.

We consider ourselves language matchmakers.

Our liaison interpreters not only bridge the language gap for international visitors, they also serve as cultural guides.

Do you know the difference between a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter?

Consecutive interpreting allows the source speaker to complete the thought.  This interpreting mode is commonly utilized with individuals.  For example, you may see consecutive interpreting during a doctor-patient consultation, with questions and answers.  One person talks, and when he is finished, the interpreter conveys the source message into the target language.

Simultaneous interpreting occurs at almost the same time as the source speaker.  This interpreting mode is most often used when efficiency, accuracy, and real-time interpretation are required.  Examples of this might be seen at the United Nations,  international conferences, court proceeding, and even during company business meetings. 

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