Human Resource Interpreting

Many companies have a culturally and linguistically diversified workforce creating challenges for their HR department. They are faced with the challenge to effectively communicate safety, company goals, policies, procedures and benefits to multilingual employees with limited English.

Clear, efficient and timely communication between all parties in the company is necessary in order to assure safety and success. Some great companies with a beautiful safety culture have been frustrated by a higher percentage of avoidable accidents among their limited English employees.

At other times HR professionals are left confounded because they don’t understand why many of their limited English employees fail to show any enthusiasm for offered benefits and instead prefer none at all.

This is where quality professional interpreting comes in. The right interpreter will help human resource professionals close any language gaps. The result is a productive and safe work environment.

Alfonso Interpreting for instance, will match the right service for a companies need.

Company/Benefits meetings:  With the use of a professional simultaneous interpreter, transmitter and head receivers, employees can listen to the entire meeting in real time in their own language. This system allows employees to effectively receive information and has often had the added effect of boosting morale. Companies have found that ROI is immediately noticed when everyone returns to work in half the time and production is increased. It is noticed later on when worker efficiency increases and workers comp claims decrease.

In person consecutive interpreting:  We have at times provided professional and highly confidential interpreters for one on one meetings. Even though many companies have a number of bilingual supervisors, if an employee’s makes a harassment claim at work many companies realize that a confidential third party is necessary in order to avoid any liability. The same situation applies if an employee must be let go in a discrete manner.

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