How Conference Interpreting Fills Your Need: Part 1

Conference interpretation conveys the message spoken in the source (or original) language into a different, target language. This profession is practiced at international summits, professional conferences, meetings of heads of State and Government, and company and meeting events.


The interpreting mode used in conference venues is simultaneous.  Simultaneous interpreting occurs in a sound-proof booth.  The interpreting team has a direct view (within eyesight or via remote video feed) of the speakers, using an interpreter console and headphones to listen to the speaker while simultaneously transmitting the message into a different language through a microphone to limited English proficient attendees who listen to the interpreter message through headset receivers.


Every single event requiring simultaneous interpretation has very different needs. Recently we worked two events that demonstrate this point.

Washington DC Conference

We recently provided top-notch conference interpreting solutions for an international event in Washington, DC. As you can see in the photo, state of the art equipment and competent conference interpreting teams resulted in a seamless, successful event. Our experienced audiovisual technician ensured our soundproof interpreting booth, video computer feeds, and audiovisual cables were expertly installed in all perfect working order so that our awesome interpreting team could focus on rendering their best performance possible.


Both international conferences and company meetings require highly skilled professional interpreters.  What changes is the type of conference interpreting equipment needed based on size, location and need. Our goal is to provide every customer with great value and successful events.

The next conference interpreting post will describe the other recent event we recently delivered.


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