Welcome to Alfonso Interpreting’s Blog

Welcome to Alfonso Interpreting’s Blog,

We hope you enjoy reading our first blog, which will be followed by timely and lively discussions periodically.  In this segment, we would like to address  Professionalism in Interpreting and Translation.

Well, what is a professional?  A professional is someone who is skillful, of or belonging to or connected with a profession, worthy of professional conduct, conforming to the standards of a professional/a skilled practitioner, an expert.  Someone who works at some branch of advanced learning or science.

An interpreter is a person who interprets, especially one who translates speech orally.  A translator is a person who expresses the sense of a word, text, etc. in another language, in written format.

As you can see, true commitment is required of someone in our chosen profession.  Here at Alfonso Interpreting & Transporting, Inc., we pride ourselves in our chosen profession as interpreters and translators in Spanish and English.

Our aim is to be the best interpreting and translation firm in the South Carolina and surrounding region, and pride ourselves at being true professionals.  How is this possible in the interpretation and translation profession?  We realize that performing our duties as true professionals requires that we be very prolific, since we have such a large Spanish-speaking population from many different countries.  To illustrate this, a simple straw which is used to drink liquid is called a sorbeto in Puerto Rico, a popote in Mexico, and pitillo in Colombia.  As you can see, this requires that as professionals in our field, we need to live in the culture we serve.  Both Jeff and Emily have lived the culture for the last 20 years, and I for over 50 years.

Victor A. Ramirez

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  1. I’m the same way, I do my best to remain neutral. It’s hard, if you communicate with the person the other person dislikes, then you fall out of favor with them! I simple can’t dislike a person, just because someone else does, I just can’t.

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