Gratefulness = Contentment = Great Business

Over time, I have come to identify two types of people. The person who tends to dwell on negative things and the positive person.

  • Negative people: Dwell on negative thoughts
    • Tend to be critical of others
    • Often suffer from depression
    • Often make other people frustrated and depressed
  • Positive People: Focus on the good side of things
    • Tend to be appreciative of their blessings
    • Are happy
    • Their happiness is contagious
  • Negative conference interpreters: Complain over every problem
    • Express criticism over every minor issue
    • Display a bad attitude and don’t seem happy
    • Irritate and frustrate co-workers and clients
  • Positive conference interpreters: Love and enjoy their work; it is an obvious passion.
    • Are grateful for the business relationships and the interesting work they have
    • They are flexible and have a happy outlook
    • They are a pleasure to work with

Highly skilled professional interpreters do well in having a mindset of gratefulness. Grateful people tend to be content and happy. Happy people are fun to work with and will likely be called back again. It is incredible how meaningful a simple and earnest thank you will go a long way in building a strong business relationship and goodwill!

Friends, I discovered that I had a glitch that didn’t allow anyone to leave comments. It is fixed now and I would love to re engage with you!

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