First time experience at the ATA 53rd annual conference part 2

There was so much going on at the conference that I don’t want to bore you with every detail. I just would like to share a few highlights that I really enjoyed.

Thursday, October 25

Lightning talks: The Future of Translation and Interpreting by Karen Tkaczyk

Bottom line:  we can expect big changes in technology. We can harness its potential and ride the wave or we can fall behind. Whatever the case, there will always be a need for real people with real brains to do what computers can’t.

The Care and Feeding of Direct Clients by Chris Durban

Get some skin in the game, sign your work. There is no lack of premium clients for premium work. Interact with clients during the job; be transparent & know how to translate; build trust.

Friday, October 26

Stress busters for Interpreters by Julie Burns

Vicarious trauma creates emotional impact in interpreters.  Mirror neurons. Empathy. Brain mirrors what it sees. Stress affects our memory and emotions.

Ways to deal with stress. 1) sleep; 2) nourishes your body; 3) Nurture your soul; 4) Access your heart’s intelligence. The heart has own nervous system.

Habits of Highly Successful Translators and Interpreters by Judy Jenner

  • Highly successful interpreters are outstanding writers and public speakers.
  • Interpreters and translators play nice with others. Your reputation is all you have.
  • Interpreters and translators need the right tools.
  • Successful interpreters and translators never stop learning!
  • Highly successful interpreters and translators are passionate about areas of specialization
  • Highly successful interpreters and translators promote their services effectively – online and offline.
  • Highly successful interpreters and translators know their limits.
  • Highly successful translators and interpreters set professional rates.
  • Highly successful translators and interpreters are professional at all times.
  • Highly successful translators and interpreters negotiate well.

Saturday, October 27

How to Use Search Engine Optimization to Attract More Visitors to Your Website or Blog by Fabio Said

This one was technical; you would have to be there. If you missed it, maybe you can get it next year.

1) Use visible tags. The more targeted your tags, the better.  2) Use Meta tags.  3) Use HTML tags.  4) Interact with web crawlers.  5) Optimize links.  6) Upload a XML Sitemap.  7) Install plugins.

Health Care Interpreting Roles for the New Millennium by Tamesia Sosa

I must say that this one sparked a lively reaction with some debate. The presentation was great, and I was impressed by the passion of those that attended whether they agreed or not with the speaker.

The debate: The Future of Translation and Interpreting

You don’t buy a car by the number of parts. Paying per word?

Hartmann: Use our brains for what a brain can do; technology for what it can do.  Know the difference.

It was mentioned that air traffic control can now be automated and yet we still use pilots because we need to have someone responsible for the lives of the passengers.  Equally important is it to have live translators and interpreters that can take responsibility for their work, something computers cannot do. Therefore, if someone says there’s an app for that, you might answer, “Do you want to bet your life on it?”

Found in Translation Book launch by Nataly Kelly

It was a beautiful presentation and intro to a book that explains how the work of translators and interpreters affect everyone’s life in one way or another. Get the book! Really, go and read it then pass it around!

I hope this brief review whets the appetite for anyone that didn’t attend. If you are serious about interpreting or translating ATA 54 is where you should be next year.

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