Extreme Moderation!

I know that picking a fight and going to an extreme makes for great drama, which in turn, is good for blog readership, so let me start one. I am here to take a stand on neutrality! I want to fight for the option “None of the above”, the write-in option. The unpopular yet courageous somewhere in the middle!

We live in an increasingly polarized society. Issues are presented with only two choices and one is expected to pick one side or the other.

In the United States, 47% are Democrats and 47% Republican. Do you know what the 6% are called?  Undecided. This is a bad word, because it means that the 94% think that this small group of individuals that choose to be different can’t take a stand.

I often read about machine translation or human, “To Schedule or not to Schedule” on Twitter. Should you work with an agency or not is another popular debate.

I steadfastly refuse to be coerced into taking sides. This position takes real courage, as it inevitably means one stands alone and is branded “Wishy Washy”!  My unwavering decision to not take sides is firm and resolute!

Machine or human? Both! To schedule or not? Absolutely!  Should you work with an agency or not? If you like them, why not? If you don’t like them, avoid them like the plague!

You see how easy that was? I strongly urge you to think for yourself and choose a path that makes sense for you, not necessarily the options that are already laid out. You either agree with me or you don’t on this issue.  I would like to hear your response. Only yes or no answers please.

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Moderation!”

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    1. Thank you for that well thought out and detailed reply especially since it was your second attempt. I posted the blog as an experiment, and considered it a joke. However it has always been my opinion that there is truth in humor. You managed to perceive that truth.

  2. Hi,
    Yes, sir. 🙂
    For what it’s worth, I’d be in that 6% and usually people say independent, not undecided. I love your post though. So many people like black and white, yay or nay. There must be a personality trait that associates making a clear decision or being on a ‘side’ with comfort. But we don’t all have it.
    Warm regards,

  3. I think the “problem” (if there is one) is that a blog post or article is (unless you are some great thinker whose views are considered worthy merely because they are yours) mainly intended to either persuade others to your point of view or open up a discussion.

    If your point of view is that you can see both sides and are ambivalent about the whole issue (whatever it may be) then discussion is limited because:
    a) there are likely to be a number of those reading who share your ambivalence – they might say “I agreee” or hit a “like” button, but not much discussion will result!
    b) you already have common ground with those holding either one of the “extreme” views – there is little point trying to convert you entirely because the chances are you’ve already considered their argument and decided to partly accept it. So what’s left to say? Unless perhaps they come up with an idea you had not considered – but then, those who have made a deliberate choice to be ambivalent are often quite well informed.

    That is why I guess you don’t get much ambivalence in blogs about issues and opinions (as opposed to facts). But it is a guess, really. It would actually make a relatively interesting point for study.

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