Bad News! The nurse case manager.

Just like doctors, nurses have a code of ethics. They are advocates for the patient. Their goal is to help the patient recover. Case managers work for the insurance company. They are somewhat like mediators for the insurance company. They coordinate all the services the patient will need, a vital service for recovery. They help the insurance company make decisions as to whether or not a course of treatment is appropriate. They can only make recommendations. Although they must face it on a regular basis, nurse case managers do not enjoy seeing the patient get bad news.
Imagine if this system of workers’ comp was not in place. Without insurance there is no money. Without money, treatment from a doctor cannot be sought.  There would be no nurses or case managers and no interpreters. In some countries, when a person is injured, there is no help whatsoever or any type of compensation. The workers comp system might be perceived as unjust but at least something is in place to help the injured worker.

It can be quite easy to judge medical professionals and attribute bad motives; the challenge is to stay impartial. We all have a vital role to play.

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