Our Legal Interpreting Statement

Has the accuracy of an interpreter ever been questioned?

Have you struggled to find an interpreter who then fails to appear?

Have you ever experienced interpreter-related delays?



Court interpreters practice in all legal areas.  Finding highly qualified, dependable, professional court interpreters often seems almost impossible. Money is lost every time an appointment is missed, creating big headaches. Miscommunication often leads to mistrust and complicates lawsuits.

Although state certification exists for court interpreters, usually less qualified, cheaper interpreters are contracted. Quality of service can be random and unpredictable. The result is that skilled, educated interpreters are likely called only when the untrained bilingual person is unavailable.

Great court interpreters must possess certain qualities. They must be knowledgeable in legal terminology, experienced, and confident. Since they practice in an adversarial environment, they must also be thick-skinned to effectively handle stress.

Consider a solution that can dramatically improve the quality your interpreting service.



  • Impartial interpreting
  • We commit to excellence and a superior customer experience
  • We are poised and composed in stressful interpreting settings
  • Our diverse team of certified (and professional) court interpreters provides capability for any setting you require
  • We are dedicated to practicing the craft of interpreting and its requirement to interpret with clarity and accuracy
  • We specialize in matching interpreters with language expertise, cultural understanding, and industry-specific knowledge


What We Do Different

Over the years, legal professionals have taught us what are their biggest concerns. Our primary goal is successfully resolve these issues. That remains the core of all our business decisions.

Communication: Cases frequently arise and settle quickly. We strive to maintain excellent communication and flexibility in response to your changing needs.

Qualifying: Each interpreter on our team is personally interviewed. Their interpreting abilities are assessed and an in-depth discussion on ethics is part of the process. Our first choice is to provide certified court interpreters. If one is not available, we provide professional interpreters.

Quality Control: We follow up with clients and ask for critical feedback. No company is perfect; but we constantly endeavor to pinpoint weaknesses and implement improvements. Identified issues are incorporated into our regular training program.

Training: On a regular basis, Alfonso Interpreting offers continuing education in a variety of subjects, including terminology, ethics, and difficult situations. We dedicate considerable resources for our interpreters through job shadowing.

Accountability: When mistakes are made, we make no excuses. We identify the problem, report back with the reason, create a solution to eliminate the problem.  Our priority is your satisfaction with the solution.


Crisis Averted

With our prime focus on the most common problems in the profession, we have assisted other companies overcome many of the following issues:

  • Miscommunications and fairness issues: We offer fairness to the detainee in ensuring that both parties fully understand their situation
  • Late or unavailable interpreters: We provide ‘just-in-time’ interpreting; our extended team permits rapid response to your situation
  • Continuance issues: Reduce continuances and their associated costs
  • Appointment delays: Avoid painfully slow depositions, mediations, and proceedings with knowledgeable certified and professional court interpreters



  • Consistent quality
  • Reliable service
  • Peace of mind
  • Value

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