Alfonso Interpreting now offers CPR and First Aid Training in Spanish and English!

  • Why are we offering CPR and First Aid Training in Spanish and English?



For the last ten years, Alfonso Interpreting has provided interpreters in a variety of settings, including workers’ compensation cases. It is gratifying to serve our community and contribute to the healing process of individuals devastated by workplace injuries. However, it can also be heartrending to see a good person suffer anguish upon discovering that he will never fully heal and perhaps never return to work. Many injured workers have had longer healing times, often lasting years because of slower response time when treatment is vital.

Seeing the results of these horrible injuries daily over many years motivated Jeff to concentrate on preventing injuries. This is why he offers bilingual safety training for companies. Jeff is OSHA® authorized to teach construction and industry. He is especially passionate about ensuring this crucial message touches the hearts of Spanish-speaking workers who statistically are more likely to suffer injuries.

Taking steps to avoid injuries has been proven to not only save lives but also money for companies. However, even with the best safety program, accidents are still likely to happen. What then?

A great safety program will include a written program that identifies key people at work who are well trained to offer first aid until first responders arrive. When care is quickly administered, there is an increased chance of successfully helping the injured worker. This type of training can often decrease the severity of injuries in an emergency and thereby encourage a positive final outcome for the injured worker.

With this in mind, Jeff is now certified with the American Heart Association for instruction in CPR, AED and first aid.  He trains in both English and Spanish.


If your company has Spanish-speaking key employees, it would be an honor for us to effectively provide them with the vital training they need.



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