Alfonso Interpreting Logo on NASCAR #DSC500

Many of you know the Dollar Shave Club. I order shaving supplies along with shampoo, soaps, and other items! I like their products, they are value-priced, and they arrive conveniently at my home.

This year, DSC ran a promotion to put 500 business logos from its loyal customers on Matt Tifft’s @NASCAR_Xfinity race car.

My company logo was one the 500 chosen!  It appeared on Tifft’s car on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the Phoenix race! Matt Tifft drove No. 2 Dollar Shave Club Chevrolet Camaro for his new team, Richard Childress Racing at Phoenix ISM Raceway.  It took me some time to locate my tiny logo (there were 500 tiny logos on the vehicle) on the back trunk of the car.  When I found it, I was very excited!

What Dollar Shave Club did was brilliant from a marketing perspective! It chose to give away free advertising to its loyal customers who own small businesses. The logo winners have been sharing the great news on social media and blogs like I’m doing now. The result is a win-win for everybody!

I love the idea of mutual support and collaboration when it comes to business. I believe we all do better when we support one another!  Thank you Dollar Shave Club!  Colleagues and strategic partners, let’s create opportunities to benefit each other any way we can.

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