Interpreting for company meetings

Interpreting for Company Meetings

Do you have a substantial number of Spanish-speaking workers? Is your workforce composed of a variety of languages and cultures? Are you struggling to lower injuries and improve safety culture? Does your HR department have trouble transmitting important information to immigrant employees?     Challenge Many great companies enjoy a wonderful reputation and offer amazing …

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Conference Interpreting Teamwork

Most people have very little idea what is involved in conference interpreting. They hire, sign the contract, and move on to the other multitude of details needed to host an event. However, being aware of some of the challenges can help you make the right choice when hiring professional conference interpreters.   You receive a …

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Human Resource Interpreting

Many companies have a culturally and linguistically diversified workforce creating challenges for their HR department. They are faced with the challenge to effectively communicate safety, company goals, policies, procedures and benefits to multilingual employees with limited English. Clear, efficient and timely communication between all parties in the company is necessary in order to assure safety …

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8 Keys for Creating a Safety Culture

Values are the foundation of any great safety culture which will become obvious by safe actions of the employees.  Every company should have a description of an ideal safety culture based on its values.  Below are eight keys to an effective safety culture that are common to most situations: All employees at every level view …

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How Conference Interpreting Can Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Have you ever found yourself listening to a group of people speaking another language that you don’t understand? At first, curiosity kicks in and you simply speculate as to what they are saying. But then a few of them laugh and your insecurities surface. Our imaginations tend to run wild at times. “Are they laughing …

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Three Traits Conference Interpreters Must Have

Conference interpreters must possess many traits, not the least of which is language knowledge.  Here are my top 3: Confidentiality Flexibility Quick thinking Let me share with you a recent experience that illustrate the three qualities mentioned on the outset of this article. It all started when one of our international clients requested us to …

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Interpretation, a promising career choice

If you are bilingual, I’m sure you have had the emotional experience of helping someone needing to communicate. Not long ago, my youngest daughter excitedly approached me and shared, “Daddy, I did my first interpretation job!” My daughter was pulled out of class to interpret for a Spanish-speaking woman at the school reception area. She …

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Eleven Skills Conference Interpreters Must Possess

Try this exercise for just a few minutes. Listen to a TED talk and try repeating everything the speaker says. This requires you to listen and talk at the same time.  It’s called shadowing. Please take a moment and click on the link to begin. [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”]

Grow Your Profits with Conference Interpreting

Have you hosted an event that required conference interpreting?  Have you yourself attended a conference where you benefitted from conference interpreting? What is conference interpreting? Why should you bother investing in this professional service?   Conference interpretation utilizes at least one team of two interpreters to render a message from one language (known as the source …

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