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When an Interpreter’s Ethics are Tested

Lately I have had a couple of difficult cases that tested my ethical professionalism. Case number one. Mr. Gabriel Dominguez (obviously I changed the names or else I would be in trouble for confidentiality issues) had a serious injury on the job which required surgery and extensive therapy. A nurse case manager worked closely and …

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Liar, Liar. What’s an interpreter to do?

Every once in a while, I find myself interpreting for someone I’m quite sure is packing a pretty good lie. There are the common lies among undocumented workers: the purchased ID, fake names, and Social Security number. When the patient is asked his name, he pauses to remember what it is. When asked for the …

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Growing your Business through Tribe building.

In this blog I would like to talk about not just networking, but Tribe Building. When I first started my business, I joined the Chamber of Commerce and regularly participated in committees. This was very time consuming and was a waste of time and investment for me.

An argument for professional interpreters – False Cognates

It is very common for me to be told “I don’t think that this claimant needs an interpreter. I believe he knows enough English to get by.” I also often hear, “Oh, we don’t need an interpreter because we have someone who knows quite a bit of Spanish.” Of course, as often is the case, …

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Managing Stress through Exercise

A while back, I read an article critical of interpreters working in pairs at court. They viewed it as a waste and misuse of tax money to have two interpreters sitting together getting paid to take turns. It was obvious to me that the monolingual writer of the article had absolutely no idea how hard …

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Interpreting in State Court

Are you excited when your state court administration calls you for an interpreting assignment? Are you dismayed at the interpreter pay?  Do the court officials make your life miserable? Some time ago, I e-mailed a colleague to ask her to send me her court certification.  She responded and wrote me that she is doing ministry …

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Seven Stress-Relieving Benefits Of Journaling

Entrepreneurs like myself tend to be very stressed. There are several reasons why I went into business for myself. First, I took advantage of the opportunity when I perceived it. Second, I love working as an interpreter. Third, I have lost patience working in an incompetent environment. Now I make my own decisions and live …

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Assault and Butchery (linguistic interference)

I would imagine that a native Japanese speaker may cringe upon conversing with a Japanese-American.  Portuguese nationals may be appalled by Brazilian Portuguese.  There has been much jesting on the part of Britons that Americans have corrupted English. Have you ever heard of linguistic (or language) interference?  Honestly, I never heard the term until July …

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