Ring Ring

One of the more difficult challenges for entrepreneurial interpreters is the telephone.  We depend on that very important piece of equipment to get work.  Every missed call might represent a missed job. Many agencies that contract interpreters are known for repeatedly calling to confirm appointments.  For this reason, some interpreters have been seen talking on …

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“Only I know the pain I feel”

A basic ethical principle is that interpreters must convey meaning between people and cultures faithfully, accurately, and impartially. This means that as an interpreter I don’t take sides, and I don’t judge. My very essential function is to facilitate clear communication between parties. A patient complained to his doctor of shoulder pain. The doctor and …

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“I’m sorry, the appointment was canceled.”

A couple of years ago, I received a call from an agency regarding an interpreting assignment in Greenville.  When I arrived at the facility, the nurse case manager indignantly asked me who I was and why was I there instead of the interpreter she requested.  I introduced myself and explained that an agency contracted me. …

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