For many years, Jeff Alfonso served the Spanish community by interpreting in court, hospitals, doctor offices, and many other locations. As a CCHI Certifified Healthcare Interpreter, he witnessed first hand the disastrous results of many workplace injuries.

As a bilingual Authorized OSHA safety trainer, Jeff is focused on prevention. He has combined his safety knowledge with language services to provide a unique and truly needed service. A successful safety culture must also embrace linguistic and cultural differences as well.

He is a member of the Carolina Association of Translators & Interpreters and the American Translators Association.

Emily Ortiz Alfonso is a Spanish Certified Court Interpreter. Before embarking on her interpreting career, Emily was a legal secretary for 20 years in New York and Florida.

She is a board member of the Carolina Association of Translators & Interpreters, and belong to the following additional associations:  American Translators Association and National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators

Emily passed the written portion of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination in 2016.  She now awaits the oral examination in the summer of 2017.

We continue to focus on improving problematic issues that plague the industry with our attentive approach. We often meet with our clients to discuss their needs before recommending specific services. After listening carefully, we recommend the best services to meet their needs. Then we work hard to ensure that the clients’ needs are satisfied.

Alfonso Interpreting & Transporting, Inc. invites you to meet with us to determine if there is a fit between our services and your needs. Contact us for more information.

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